BBQ with Boterman Virtual Events

BBQ with Boterman Events

BBQ with Boterman was created to inspire people to cook outside of their comfort zone. During a BBQ with Boterman Event, Chef Andy Boterman does a live demonstration while breaking down different techniques to help people feel more confident in their ability to cook and grill.

Our approach is simple, Chef Andy shares practical culinary knowledge, while providing a casual environment for conversation and questions. We encourage everyone to cook along during the event so they can try the new methods they're learning and ask any grilling or cooking questions they may have along the way.

EVent Highlights

  • Private events perfect for your next corporate get-together
  • Ultra-premium meat shipped directly to each participant
  • Casual Q&A
  • Hands-on learning by cooking along during the event
  • Personalized event outline allows for host presentations
  • Minimum of 10 participants per event

Private events perfect for your next corporate get-together

Schedule your next corporate event

We want to kindle the fire in you and teach you how to become a BBQ Master. Please email [email protected] to schedule your next corporate event.


  • Introductory call
  • Menu selection and scheduling (American or Full-Blood Wagyu)
  • Collect participant’s names & shipping addresses
  • Participants receive steak approximately two days before event
  • Instructions will be sent to attendees on the day of the event
  • Enjoy!

"Thank you for bringing an amazing event with such great waygu, grill master, and seasoning to our team." -Jenn

"Thank you so much Andy! I can't cook to save my life, and all of sudden...I'm a beast." -Scott

“Thanks, guys. I think that was by far the most engaging and fun Covid event I’ve attended and the steak was awesome!” -Eric