Meat Church BBQ

Great BBQ starts with great seasonings. That’s why Meat Church BBQ is my go to for BBQ seasonings. Sweet, savory, spicy, no matter what flavor profile you are looking for they have it all covered. In addition to BBQ seasonings, they also make incredible injections and brines. Before your creations hit the smoke, make sure you hit them with Meat Church, the greatest seasonings on the planet.

Double Take Salsa Co.

A staple of the Boterman kitchen is Minnesota’s very own Double Take Salsa Co. and hot sauce. Small batch craft salsa and hot sauces made with the finest ingredients can’t be beat. You have to try this stuff to believe how good it is! 

Northern Fire Grilling & BBQ Store

Every BBQist need a “guy” if you are in Minnesota, Aaron and the team at Northern Fire Grilling & BBQ Supply is your “guy.” From seasonings, sauces, charcoal, wood, pellets, competition grade meats, the finest grills, pits as well as all the accessories, they have you covered. Get in there and get lost in all of the grilling glory! 

Eversharp Knives

Family owned and located in Northeast Minneapolis, Eversharp Knives is the greatest spot for knives no matter where you live. They have the biggest selection of Wüsthof in the country in addition to many other brands. They also sharpen knives and if you aren’t local, you can ship your knives to them for sharpening.